Objectives & Functions

At our agency every units and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the agency as we serve the public. 

Urban and Rural Electrification

To provide electricity in the rural areas and improve the level of supply in the urban centers of Oyo State.

Provide Pivot of Solution

To provide a pivot of solutions to problems created by non-availability and availability of electricity in the rural and urban areas of Oyo State

Collaboration with other Agencies

To liaise with other relevant agencies and instructions such as IBEDC, EMLS whether in the public or private sector this may have complementary roles or mandate in the provision of extension services.

Maintenance of Electrification Facilities

To maintain electrification facilities such as street lights etc, in the urban centers especially big cities in Oyo State.

Undertake Developmental Study

To undertake basic studies and survey of integrated rural areas and provide continuous basis, useful and systematical technical information for designing and monitoring of electrification policies in the rural areas of the State at grassroots level.

Forum Creation

To create a forum for the community development of the rural areas of Oyo State via joint efforts of the Communities.