Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

  • To implement the major resolutions of the Board;
  • To co-ordinate the activities of the other Departments of the Board;
  • To ascertain and co-ordinate the personnel needs of the Board as a whole;
  • To ensure and maintain discipline among the entire staffers of the Board;
  • To see to the welfare of the workers.

Finance and Account Department

  • To see to the prompt payment of salaries/allowance of the entire work force of the Board;
  • To reconcile the account of the Board;
  • The department also keeps all relevant accounting books e.g. (DVEA book, cash book, sub- receipt).

Planning, Research and Monitoring Department

  • To liaise with the various Local Government Areas of the State with a view to providing the necessary electrification amenities for the rural areas of Oyo State;
  • To liaise with the relevant agencies and institutions such as NEPA PLC (PHCN) Federal Ministry of Powers and Steel, whether in the public or private sector, which may have complementary objectives or mandate in the provisions of extension services, that is NEPA, National Grid and for the eventual use of rural communities;
  • To provide urban Electrification Project for the beautification of the Urban Areas especially the main cities in the Local Government Areas of the State.

Operations Department

  • Conceptualization of new electrification projects;
  • To provide a concrete base for the provision of electricity in the rural and availability of electricity in rural and urban areas of Oyo State;
  • To undertake basic studies and survey of integrated rural areas and provide on continuous basis, useful and systematic technical information for designing and monitoring of electrification policies at the grass roots;
  • To maintain the electrification facilities such as street light etc in the Urban Centres especially big cities in Oyo State.

Community Development and Mobilization Department

  • To educate, and mobilize the rural communities on the importance and needs of electricity for the rapid development of their areas;
  • To create a forum for community development of the rural areas of Oyo State via joint efforts of the communities;
  • To encourage active participation of the rural communities in the development programmes of the rural areas through joint financially sponsored electrification programmes of the Local Government Areas of the State.